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Boozy News Rhythm & Booze arcade bar mighty monkey 2018

Rhythm & Booze Arcade Bar – A Boozy Playground For Adults

The Rhythm & Booze arcade bar is a happy place where gamers, bikers, hipsters and more can socialize and have a few beers with your bestie. We are an arcade bar that is a fabulous mix of – well, everything...

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Rhythm & Booze bar shawnee kansas monkey friends at bar

Rhythm & Booze Shawnee – Finally a Bar Here To Stay

Rhythm & Booze bar in Shawnee is one of the best kept secrets in the Kansas City metro. Jenn & Rhythm founded the original Rhythm & Booze bar in downtown KC in 2009. When the location in Shawnee became available...

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alcohol consumption missouri #1 USA Rhythm & Booze monkey drinking

Alcohol Consumption in Missouri Ranked #1 in USA!

In 2013 the New York Times listed the 3 best and 3 worst states for alcohol consumption. This was to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the ratification of the 21st amendment to the Constitution, which ended prohibition.  Rhythm & Booze...

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reviews people like us Rhythm_&_Booze_Kansas City funny monkey

Rhythm & Booze is Good…and Darn’it, People Like US!

So after doing this since 2009, Rhythm & Booze has come to learn a few things about "reviews". As you know, we hate Yelp! because those reviews are bought and paid for - and mostly people live to get seen...

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people-hate-us-on-yelp-RHythm_&_Booze_Kansas City

Why I HATE Yelp And People Hate Rhythm & Booze On Yelp

When you own a bar, especially one like Rhythm & Booze, you have to deal with all kinds of issues: staffing, customers, inventory, safety, vendors, etc… you also have to deal with bad reviews. Back in the day word of...

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Boozy News Rhythm & Booze 2017 grammy awards vodka promotion

Watching The Grammy Awards at Rhythm & Booze Makes Sense

Rhythm & Booze, Booze & Rhythm…the two go hand in hand. Actually, companies that make alcohol have been pouring money into the music industry, like sponsoring the Grammy’s, for years and with good reason! People who drink like music too!...

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Santa Swear Jar Meme Rhythm & Booze 2017 Blog

2017 WAS Great for Rhythm & Booze!

What an amazing year Rhythm & Booze has had in 2017 and we could not have had a banner year with you Kansas City! Since 2009, Rhythm & Booze has been known for being a Clean Dive Bar with Great...

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Kansas City’s First and Only “Bar Owners Safety & Security Syndicate”

BOSS Syndicate is an organization formed to unite Kansas City bar owners, their staff, and other business owners in the downtown community to address the need to improved the safety and security of their businesses. Rhythm and Jen Piatt of...

Rhythm and Booze alcohol consumption practice before octoberfest 2018

Alcohol Consumption During Octoberfest

Alcohol consumption during Octoberfest is a tradition. Drinking beer, chicken dances and sing-alongs go hand in hand with the celebration that starts the night before and concludes a morning or two after..... Fall brings Octoberfest to Kansas City kicking off...

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