Rhythm & Booze Explores Alcohol Consumption State-by-States – Duck Fart, Anyone?

Wednesday, Feb. 28th 2018

So St Patty’s Day is coming up and in honor of the holiday designed for optimal alcohol consumption, we thought it only fitting to explore cocktails across the USA! We are a melting pot and so, the Irish may have influenced a holiday, but we are pretty sure drinking is not just an “Irish thing”. All the different cultures in one great United Sates have led to some pretty interesting alcohol consumption habits! So this article is all about the “unofficial” drinks across the US. We will start with the ones WE have personal experience…

Rhythm Piatt, owner of Rhythm & Booze, has also been a bartender  in New Orleans, Louisiana and Austin, Texas. According to SpoonUniversity.com, which lists all of the “unofficial” cocktails by state, Louisiana’s signature cocktails is Sazerac. The Sazerac came about in a New Orleans apothecary way way back in 1838 as the world’s first cocktail ever. So, clearly it deserves its place as Louisiana’s signature cocktail. Unless it tastes like cough syrup – or maybe that’s your thing. We don’t judge!

In Texas, the frozen margarita is number one. Which makes sense since you have to wash down the amazing Mexican food found in Texas with a cold margarita to enhance your experience. Not sure if New Mexico would agree because we have heard they have the original Annie’s of Santa Fe serving 80 different types/flavors of margaritas! 

Jennifer Piatt, owner of Rhythm & Booze along with husband Rhythm, has also been a bartender on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee. DID you guess Jack Daniel’s would be the official drink? WELL you were wrong! it’s Moonshine! Tennessee and Kentucky both are very well known for Moonshine!

Rhythm & Booze just opened in Shawnee, Kansas and so we thought we would look up the drink of Kansas. The unofficial drink is called the “Horsefeather.” The Horsefeather first appeared in Lawrence, Kansas (if you ever happen to be within city limits in Lawrence, we hope you know it’s illegal to wear a bee in your hat, true story) in the 1990’s. In terms of flavor, think Moscow Mule, but whiskey instead of vodka – YUM. 

Some of the states’ unofficial drinks aren’t hard to figure out – South Carolina claims Firefly Sweet Tea (because real sweet tea has sugar and alcohol added), Pennsylvania, land of chocolate and steel, of course has Yuengling beer as their number one drink – and it’s the oldest operating brewery in America.

If you happen to find yourself in Alaska, be sure to order yourself a Duck Fart. Despite it’s really enticing name (thirsty yet?), Alaskans love this layered shot of Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Crown Royal Whiskey.

So if alcohol consumption is a thing your are into, may we suggest a road trip starting from Rhythm & Booze and back?… anyone? Alrighty then. Rhythm & Booze invites you to all our locations, and if you have enough Duck Farts to make you want to cut the, um, rug, head on over to The Bat Cave, right next to our Rhythm & Booze Downtown location. It’s a full-service nightclub and the ONLY moving glowing bar in Kansas City.


Be safe! And enjoy March. If you have a drink to share…feel free.


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