Alcohol Consumption in Missouri Ranked #1 in USA!

Tuesday, May. 29th 2018

In 2013 the New York Times listed the 3 best and 3 worst states for alcohol consumption. This was to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the ratification of the 21st amendment to the Constitution, which ended prohibition. 

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Rhythm & Booze is not sure how we rank now, but in 2013 Missouri was ranked #1! Missouri is the best state for alcohol consumption! No open container restrictions and you can drink in public and cities and towns are prohibited from requiring an arrest for public intoxication.

This got us thinking…If Missouri is the best place for alcohol consumption…where exactly should one consume alcohol?

Obviously we are going to mention alcohol consumption at one of our 3 Rhythm & Booze locations! DUH!!! But we thought we could point out a few other awesome places to drink in Missouri.


Missouri Wineries – What better way for alcohol consumption than traveling from winery to winery? Missouri is host to many wineries and this quest makes for a perfect weekend adventure. You can literally point to just about any county in Missouri and find a town near a winery or two. If you don’t want to drive to far from home, try Lafayette County. There are 3-4 wineries in this county and it is only an hour or so outside of Kansas City.

Float, Horse Trails, UTV/ATV Trips – Missouri rivers are perfect for alcohol consumption! Our favorite float destination is Eminence Missouri. This little town is a Missouri hidden gem! It sits on the Jacks Fork river but is within 15 miles or less to float multiple rivers: Jacks Fork, The Current, Spring Creek, and Eleven Points. Each of these rivers offers a different degree of challenge but all allow for relaxing consumption of alcohol, places to rest/sunbath, ice cold crystal clear spring fed water and beautiful cliffs. Other than floating, there are tons of horse and ATV/UTV trails, fishing, hunting, caves & springs to explore, local bars, lodging, and food.

Octoberfest in Hermann, MO – EVERY weekend in October is a reason for alcohol consumption in this historic German town! Actually every weekend all year round is a drinking day, LOL. Local winery and brewer’s festivals and events fill the calendar. A short train ride from Kansas City,

Drinking outdoors –  Missouri is no shrinking violet when it comes to summer places to walk around and drink! In Kansas City, alcohol consumption outdoors is a must at First Friday’s, First Weekends, P&L, Rockfest, Irishfest, Renaissance Festival, KC Pridefest, Boulevardia, Worlds of Fun, Festival of the Lost Township, SantaCaliGon, Brookside Art Fair, Plaza Art Fair, and more. In additions, small towns near KC host events from April to October. There is almost something going on in Weston, Excelsior Springs, Liberty, Lee’s Summit, etc…


So, as places go, Rhythm & Booze agrees with the New York Times…Missouri is a great state for alcohol consumption. Stop by our Rhythm & Booze Downtown location, check out one of drink specials, have some food, play some games and plan your next drinking adventure!




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