Kansas City’s First and Only “Bar Owners Safety & Security Syndicate”

Tuesday, Sep. 18th 2018

BOSS Syndicate is an organization formed to unite Kansas City bar owners, their staff, and other business owners in the downtown community to address the need to improved the safety and security of their businesses. Rhythm and Jen Piatt of Rhythm & Booze spearheaded the movement in light of recent violence occurring in the area. “Bar owners and managers, just like us, have always relied on their doormen or bouncers to keep the peace, but people are unpredictable, and the sad truth is that today’s unpredictability is ARMED! Our livelihood depends on our ability to provide a fun safe place to eat, drink and play. We must help each other be better prepared and aware.” 

Bar and restaurant owners in the area have begun addressing security by adding strict rules, implementing armed security and installing metal detectors in some of their establishments. Encouraging a heavier police presence is another step to making businesses safer with increased patrols. BOSS Syndicate is a positive reaction to create safety & security for Bar Owners on the fringe. We are creating an in-person and online community to support and educate Bar Owners and their Security Teams. NO Bar Owner should have to wait and worry!

BOSS Syndicate provides a forum for bar owners and similar businesses in Kansas City with the tools and training to protect their staff and clientele and improve the safety and security of their establishments. By uniting as a community BOSS Syndicate is a positive step in protection for Bar Owners on the fringe. 

Join the BOSS Syndicate open forum October 25, 2018 from 11:00 to 1:00 at Rhythm & Booze at 423 Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City. Let’s join together to take action today!

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