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Friday, Jul. 27th 2018

The Rhythm & Booze arcade bar is a happy place where gamers, bikers, hipsters and more can socialize and have a few beers with your bestie. We are an arcade bar that is a fabulous mix of – well, everything – the décor, the customers, great drinks and food, and a staff that creates a crazy-fun atmosphere. If you’re looking for Giant Jenga…we have it! A wall of board games free for anyone to play – we have that too. Spontaneous sing-a-longs – it could happen. Of course, you don’t have to play the games to experience the environment – the sounds of pinging machines, music, laughter, and plain old fun will surround you – but it’s an awesome good time if you do.Boozy News Rhythm & Booze arcade bar mighty monkey 2018

An arcade is a space that centers around coin-operated video games. There was a time when playing video games head-to-head meant going to a gaming arcade, usually in a mall. Video games are fun to play and watch and talk about with friends. Whether clicking away at a Mortal Kombat or Pac Man machine, with a stack of quarters at the ready, or banging away on Guitar Hero controllers, it was a great way to be social and have fun.

Trivia: What was the first video arcade game ever commercially produced? Syzygy, a precursor to Atari Inc. launches Computer Space, the first commercial video arcade game. It is a derivative of Spacewar!, one of the earliest video games, developed in 1962.

People just seem to love playing arcade games, especially when alcohol is involved. At Rhythm & Booze, the arcade bar catering to grown-ups has become a popular destination for Kansas City party goers. We are THE place where Millennials, Generation Z and adults of all ages and walks-of-life gather to play and have fun. In addition to video arcade games, we have POOL, DARTS, Cards Against Humanity, POKER, chess/checkers and more! Stop in and hang out with your friends any time! Rhythm & Booze is your destination BOOZY ARCADE BAR where YOU WILL have a great time!

Rhythm & Booze was founded in 2009 with the intention of providing a FUN and Entertaining environment for ANYONE to come to and enjoy some downtime!  We are known for being a clean dive bar offering great food and games for all. If you want a funtastic evening out, then come on out to the Rhythm & Booze arcade bar. It’s a great place to play Board Games, Pool, Darts, Skee Ball or just watch a Game on one of our many TVs – we’ve got what you’re looking for!


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