Rhythm & Booze is Good…and Darn’it, People Like US!

Monday, Apr. 30th 2018

So after doing this since 2009, Rhythm & Booze has come to learn a few things about “reviews”. As you know, we hate Yelp! because those reviews are bought and paid for – and mostly people live to get seen so they love to write negative reviews. Aside from Yelp! though, Rhythm & Booze has its struggles with reviews. We are a bar and when you mix opinions and alcohol…WELL?!? you know!!!

Reviews are important, we get that! Ok, they are very important. Back in the day you just told your friends stuff when you saw them but now, thanks to the internet and smart phones and every social platform EVER, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. We were reading stats and a study in 2017 showed that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. WOW!

reviews people like us Rhythm_&_Booze_Kansas City funny monkeyOk, so a few glasses of alcohol and some people will read anything, but since Rhythm & Booze is a bar that wants to stay in business and likes having customers…these stats are kind of important to our cause! Like did you know that 86% of people will hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative online reviews. That’s almost just as many as will choose a business because of a good review. Our guess is it is the same cause the same people were interviewed. It is not a far stretch to think that if the answer to the question is YES when asked, “will you choose a business because of a good review?” that this same person would say YES when asked, “would you decide not to choose a business because of a bad review.” Not so drunk yet where that is not still a logical conclusion. 

So, thinking most bars get pretty crappy reviews cause most of our patrons are drinking … and SOME people get a little more sensitive when drinking … we figured our reviews might be important to review. We are happy to report that Rhythm & Booze has both good and some not so good reviews. We have responded to both the good and the not so good (although there are some reviews that just don’t even deserve a response), which is apparently important. Fun fact 47% of the people looking at reviews said that they might choose a business despite bad reviews if the business was responding to the issues. WE DO!!!

So in the middle of all this we got this email from someone and decided to share it with you all:

I just wanted to say what a wonderful evening it was.  Every thing was perfect and the food was fantastic.  The staff you had were great!!!  I don’t know how they kept everything straight.  Everyone that ordered food said it too was fantastic.

I am also contacting you to make sure everyone paid their bill.  If there was anyone that didn’t please let us know and we will try to track them down.

Thanks again and it was wonderful.

Cathy – sent 4/28

reviews people-like-us-Rhythm__Booze_Kansas-City-thumbs-up-monkeyLike, OMG people DO like us!!!

Usually people give you a review when something goes wrong but if you look at the Rhythm & Booze reviews you will see, people like us so much they share good stuff about us! Mostly about our food but hey, our food is REALLY good!!!

If you want to see what people think of Rhythm & Booze, check us out. If you like us, leave us your review too!

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